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Gift of Literacy

Our Gift of Literacy program goes beyond the books to help fill gaps where poverty undermines promise. 

All children served through our birthday program receive a set of new, age-appropriate books as part of their gift package.  Additionally, throughout the year, we provide books to every child staying at the shelters, housing programs and domestic violence facilities that we serve. Pre-K Literacy Kits, board books, and first readers are essential components in reaching even the youngest children through our Pre-K and baby programs.  Each Blessing Bag that we prepare includes new books for the child—tools to promote early literacy and an opportunity to encourage positive parent-child bonding. 

Poverty Impacts Education.

Since  2019, Bright Blessings has wrapped and distributed over 40,000 new books to homeless and impoverished children of all ages.

Literacy & Learning

For disadvantaged children, the path to academic success is often hindered by roadblocks along the way. With little or no resources for school supplies and learning tools, many of these otherwise capable students lag behind their peers academically.  When a family struggles to maintain housing and utilities, everyday basics like books and snacks easily fall to the wayside. Additionally, for transient children with high mobility rates, keeping up with homework and projects becomes even more of a challenge.

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