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Gift of Care

Bright Blessings works to help ease the effects of poverty for the children we serve by supporting them with snack packs, hygiene kits, and comfort items like blankets and stuffed animals.


Every winter, we provide hundreds of warm fleece blankets to children in overcrowded shelters. Kids served through our birthday program receive bath and personal care sets in their gift packages, and little ones served through our baby program receive healthcare kits, food and feeding supplies in their Blessing Bags.

Healthy snack packs are distributed throughout the year to every child we serve, and all transient children also receive soft blankets and pillows to serve as portable bedding when they move from place to place.  


Transient elementary children receive new stuffed animals for a sense of security on nights when they sleep in unfamiliar places, and thousands of hygiene items including shampoo, soap, washcloths, and oral care supplies are distributed to help improve basic hygiene and decrease the risk of illness.

Our Gift of Care program gives essential support and comfort to children who otherwise lack the most basic of care necessities.  

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