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Group Volunteering

We welcome your group to host their next service event at the Giving Village, our volunteer facility located in Matthews. Our facility can accommodate up to 50 participants and welcomes an average of 10,000 visitors annually.  

For your convenience, our Village Café is also available for any refreshments that you may choose to bring. Service events are typically 1 hour and will include an overview of community needs and the Bright Blessings programs, as well as a brief video presentation.  Participants will then divide into groups to work on planned projects at tables. 

There are multiple options to choose from when planning your Group Service Event. Learn about each event type below and choose the one that works best for you based on your group's goals.

Please contact Chloe Margraves to discuss special requests or arrangements needed for your next group event. from themes to catering, we are here to help.

Personalize your experience at Bright Blessings! Blessing Builder groups are invited to choose the program and project that touches their hearts the most. With a wide variety of projects and levels of support, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your group's goals.


Browse the different project options to determine which level of support works best for you and  your team. Your Blessing Builder sponsorship supplies your group with all the items needed for your projects and helps keep our shelves stocked for program deliveries.

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Helping Hands

Helping Hands projects will be determined based on the size of your group, age range of your participants, available resources, and Bright Blessings’ greatest needs at the time. No monetary donation is required, but is always welcomed. Please complete our Helping Hands Event Form and we will contact you to coordinate a date and all of your event's details.  Lend a hand to make a difference in a child's life!



Adopt-A-Parties are a hands-on way to be involved with the children we serve. Our shelter parties include meals, cupcakes, treat bags and lots of love and attention for the kids!  Many of these children have never experienced a birthday party or received new presents, but being in the spotlight and feeling a positive sense of self are oftentimes the gifts that mean the most.

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Purpose Party


Purpose Parties are service-focused celebrations for all ages (7+) & any occasion.  Invite your guests to The Giving Village at Bright Blessings for your special occasion while helping support and celebrate the lives of local homeless children. These parties offer a fun and unique way to celebrate birthday parties, baby showers and other special occasions and are available for a donation of $100. 

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