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Many of the impoverished children we serve are living in Supportive Housing units, often with siblings and a single parent who has limited income and resources.  Financial strain for these parents comes with tough challenges like how to maintain rent while buying groceries and other items the family needs.  When even the most basic of necessities are too often scarce, birthdays become nothing more than a distant wish for these kids. Our Family Party Packs provide everything struggling parents need to bake, decorate and serve up big birthday smiles.  Decorations, supplies, and a few gifts help complete each party pack to help birthday wishes come true for disadvantaged children.

Every Child Is A Shining Star, Regardless of Circumstance

Shelter & Housing 

At shelters and housing programs, this program offers all the traditional birthday fun, plus educational and enrichment activities.  Our parties include meals, cupcakes, treat bags and lots of love and attention for the kids!  Many of these children have never experienced a birthday party or received new presents, but being in the spotlight and feeling a positive sense of self are oftentimes the gifts that mean the most.


Transient Homeless

For transient homeless students, our birthday and care packages are delivered anonymously to local schools. Elementary age students receive birthday treats to share with classmates, giving them a chance to feel confident and a sense of normalcy among peers. Middle and high school students receive a birthday bag with supplies and special sweets to take ‘home’ and celebrate with family.  All students served also receive new presents, books and academic supplies, healthy snacks, as well as a care & comfort set.  

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