Summer of Caring

Our annual Summer of Caring campaign runs June 1st through August 31. That's 92 days to get to our $50,000 fundraising goal! Fundraising is always a pivotal part of a nonprofit's day to day. We run special campaigns throughout the year to prepare for a season ahead.

Our Summer of Caring campaign helps Bright Blessings to be in a healthy financial position to start the upcoming school year. We are still operational during the summer months to an extent, but our service numbers start to skyrocket in August/September as kiddos make their way back to school. We depend on every cent raised during this time of year to be fully stocked to start all of our school programs strong.

We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful, supportive community who we see strive to make a difference in the lives of the children we serve. Help us reach our goals by giving this summer of your finances and your time. Help us reach our goals by helping your children fundraise and give back through a lemonade stand or a collection drive. Help us reach our goals by registering for our virtual race and enlist the help of your friends, colleagues and workplace. We can keep going, with your help. We can reach more children, with your help. We can bring Joy, Care and Hope to tens of thousands of local children in need, with your help!

Here's to making the Summer of 2021 the best ever!

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This year, we’re trying something new to help bolster our fundraising efforts. Thanks to Haas & Kennedy Engineers for being our presenting sponsor for our first of hopefully many virtual races! Our Summer of Caring Virtual Race will launch June 20 and run for 7 weeks. We are working with Charity Footprints, a virtual race platform.

“Charity Footprints is a mission driven organization with a vision to make the world a healthier, more generous, and more community-oriented place. We create fitness challenges (aka "Virtual Race") for non-profits and employers, and manage all aspects including web and mobile technology, individual and team registrations, wearable integrations & mobile app based fitness tracking, data analytics & reporting, peer-to-peer fundraising, employer gift matching etc.

Footprints' virtual race participants take 10,170 steps (daily average), which is approximately 72% higher than that of an average American (5,900 steps), and is even higher than American Heart Association's 10,000 daily steps recommendation.” -

Our personalized Charity Footprints race page is now live! You can register here and start setting your step and fundraising goals and get moving right away!