Affiliate Network

Reaching Further Together

Bright Blessings of the greater Charlotte region is developing an Affiliate Network in an effort to spread the mission and programs of Bright Blessings and help make a positive impact for homeless and at-risk children in communities across our region and in other parts of the country. 

Participation in the Bright Blessings Affiliate Network is available to individuals or groups seeking to launch their own Bright Blessings Chapter with the same or similar programs being delivered to our current recipients. 


The Bright Blessings Affiliate Network is comprised of independent chapters with a collective purpose of bringing joy, care and hope to homeless and impoverished children.

The Bright Blessings Affiliate Network Serves to:
  • Advance the founding vision and mission of Bright Blessings by reaching as many homeless and at-risk children as possible
  • Help increase support at the local level for all Affiliates through network collaboration
  • Help support success within the Network through regional and national partnerships as/when such opportunities arise

Interested in Becoming an Affiliate?